API Platform Discovery Training | Grafikart

In this training I invite you to discover the API Platform tool. The objective is to share with you all the things that I have learned while working with this tool. We'll start by learning about the tool and how to use it by creating our first API entry points and seeing the approach taken by API Platform.

We will then go into more depth in its operation to discover the life cycle of a request and we will see how to handle certain special cases with the creation of a custom DataPersister / DataProvider. We will also explore the generation of documentation in order to adapt it in situations where automatic generation is not enough.

We will also see the different authentication systems that it is possible to set up (Form, Cookie, JWT and API key) and how to manage the security of our API resources.

Finally, we will end with a practical work that will allow you to put into practice what you have seen during the training with the creation of an API to manage a kitchen recipe management application.