Discussion & Feedback: Phoenix, the new front of Qwant

During a freelance mission I had the opportunity to intervene on the front-end development of the new version of the search engine Qwant, code name Phoenix. At the end of the mission I was able to discuss with the rest of the team to ask the questions you suggested on this overhaul.

00:00 Introduction
00:37 Presentation
02:10 Why this redesign? For what objectives?
05:33 Which technologies and why?
09:52 What kind of rendering? Server side or client side?
13:43 What kind of rendering? Server side or client side?
19:50 Communication between design and dev
22:21 The problems encountered on the project?
32:33 How is the upload going?
37:01 How is the deployment going?
42:14 Search results and bing dependency
47:52 How to plan / cut out such a project?
51:49 How is the collaboration (the tools) going?
59:46 How do I deal with spec changes?
01:08:10 The integration of a freelance in the team.
01:24:00 The after phoenix

I would also like to thank the team who agreed to participate in this discussion.


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