Recap 2020 and Happy New Year everyone;)

Happy New Year everyone !! To conclude the year 2020, I suggest that you take stock of the different things that we have seen this year.


At the beginning of the year I managed to focus on creating content for the site and this was the opportunity to create several trainings.

Symfony tests

The year began with a little training to complete the video series on Symfony. The objective was to focus on the tests and to see the different strategies that can be implemented to test the components of the framework (Validator, Repository ...). This training remains open and I do not rule out adding new chapters as I practice the framework.

WordPress from A to Z

Even if WordPress is not necessarily popular, it is a tool that comes up quite often in my customer requests and the tutorials already on the site were starting to date. Also, 3 new training courses on the subject were created:

  • A first series concerns the discovery of WordPress. Series which aims to offer a small overview of the administration of a WordPress site and which is intended for the general public.
  • A second series allows you to learn how to create a theme from A to Z. The objective is to learn how to go from an HTML / CSS mockup to a functional theme with an administration adapted to the user's needs .
  • The last series concerns advanced development methods where we review the tools that facilitate development and solidify the base of the theme (Integration of composer, use of branch for templates ...).

My opinion on WordPress remains unchanged and even if I think it is often used in bad situations, it remains in my opinion a very good CMS in terms of ease of use and installation and I do not have to this day found an alternative that satisfies me completely (but I keep looking ...).

React and hooks

Although I was not very convinced by React in its early days, the appearance of hooks and the simplification of writing components completely changed my perspective on the library. At the same time, I noticed that there was a lot of misunderstanding about its operation (especially on the rendering logic and the implications of virtual dom) and that is why I wanted to try my luck by trying explain how React and hooks work. My goal was to explain React as I would have liked to have been explained to me by trying to detail things as much as possible (a bit like we did when we tried to create our own version of react) .


Apart from the training, the tutorials were an opportunity to practice and discover some tips on the classics (CSS, JavaScript and PHP). We also took the opportunity to discover new things:

  • The Vite front-end development tool offers a welcome alternative to Webpack.
  • Glide (PHP) allows you to manage the resizing of images on the fly.
  • Nginx can make sub-requests to manage access to certain resources (we can use its backend framework to filter access to videos for example).
  • TypeSense allows you to set up a text search system quickly and easily.
  • Immer makes immutability more easily bearable in JavaScript.

And many other things...


This year was an opportunity to learn about livecoding and to start developing the new version of the site. The experience is very positive and I will continue to do livecodings this year (on the development of the site or on the preparation of the code for some tutorials). On the other hand, I don't necessarily have a defined schedule and it's a bit when the weather allows it. Thanks to everyone who followed my many struggles;)