Recap of technologies seen in 2022

As the end of the year is approaching, I suggest you take a look at the past year by reviewing the content created in 2022.


No new topic covered in training this year but 2 refreshments for training that was starting to get old.

The basics of SQL languages

SQL remains in my opinion a basic knowledge to have for backend developers and I decided to update the old training which was starting to date and which focused too much on the implementation of MySQL. The objective of this new training is to speak about the language in a general way before focusing on the specificities of certain database management systems such as MySQL and MariaDB for example.


The JavaScript training has been completely re-recorded to present modern JavaScript rather than old syntaxes that are no longer necessarily used. This re-recording also made it possible to change the structure of the training to allow the grouping of JavaScript on the server side and on the client side in a single separate training in 3 parts:

  • A common core allowing to see the basics of the languages ​​(common bases between the server and the client)
  • A client-side specialization to see the APIs offered by browsers and the use of JavaScript to interact with a web page.
  • A server-side specialization (NodeJS) to see how to interact with the system and create your first web server.

I do not rule out adding new chapters over new features, but the training is complete if you want to learn this language.

Create a power of 4 online

This training is an opportunity to see a concrete example of the use of several technologies. The objective was also to show in the introduction the reflection part on the choice of technologies.

The tutorials

In addition to the trainings, there have been many tutorials to improve. Starting with videos to improve general knowledge:

We have seen some tools on the PHP side:

We also talked a bit about NodeJS outside of JavaScript training:

  • We discovered Adonis which aims to be a NodeJS framework “à la” Ruby on rails or Laravel.
  • We saw the Astro static site generator.

On the client side, we mentioned a few libraries and a few tools:

On the server administration side, we just discovered Caddy which is an alternative to nginx or Apache to create a web server.

We also talked about tools with the discovery of Insomnia to test the APIs and the sharing of my Visual Studio Code configuration

Finally, I also took the opportunity to update some videos that no longer worked and add chapters in some training.

The end of podcasting

Looking back, I realize that creating podcasts was not necessarily a wise choice because I don’t necessarily have enough time to devote to their organization and distribution. Also, there will be no new podcasts for the year 2023 and the podcast section will surely be removed from the site (old podcasts will be converted into articles so as not to lose them).

On the other hand I will try to be more present on the podcasts and the meetups of other developers that I will try to publish on the blog.

And you?

I hope you all had a great 2022 full of learning and discovery! For your part, what technologies have marked you this year and what are you expecting for 2023?


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