Surrounding ourselves with our loved ones has always been a good option, and what better idea than to take our best friend to the office: our dog.

In most cases, when we leave for work, we say goodbye to our dogs until we return home. Our faithful friends await us with enthusiasm and make us happy 365 days a year. Who has not fantasized about taking their dogs to work? Well, when you know the multiple benefits that this may have, you will not want to separate from them.

The idea of ​​taking dogs to the workplace came from the international organization Pet Sitters in the United States in the 1990s. Its main objective was to highlight the company that a dog can give to its faithful friend, as well as promote and raise awareness from associations and creation of rescue groups.

Which has benefits?

1. Decrease stress and anxiety at work

A study conducted by the Virginia Commonwealth University, people who have experienced going to work with their dog manage to have lower stress levels and this is perceived from day one. In most studies, stress levels were lower when it came to your own dog.

2. Promotes good relationships and communication between employees

The company of our little friends is a great stimulus that encourages relationships and improves the good atmosphere. The presence of animals is a boost for the creation of conversations and anecdotes, it also facilitates communication between all people. Your nobility, your loyalty and your positive energy will fly over the office.

3. Stroking them helps regulate blood pressure

Being in contact with our loved ones reassures us, petting our dog is relaxing and satisfying for both of us, this causes blood pressure to be regulated by its relaxation. They nurture and feel our love too.

4. Greater job satisfaction, which translates into higher productivity

Rest during the workday or make “breaks”, helps to improve overall performance. If in addition, we have our dog close, it will be ideal to clear and enjoy small breaks together. It will help you to truly disconnect. For example, taking a small walk with a dog, be it yours or a partner, will help you think clearly, reduce stress, anxiety and gather positive energies.

5. Create an environment in which creativity develops and increases

The games, the races, their pranks and the infinity of things that these animals are able to do to entertain themselves and, in turn, make us laugh, are an inexhaustible source to develop ideas outside of routine habits and day-to-day stability. They take out our most creative side!

If you have an advertising agency full of restless creatives, you know, these little hairy ones will help you get some brilliant ideas.

6. The benefits for your dog

The fact of not separating from their loved ones is beneficial for them. This influences your mood, since many times when you are left alone you are sad. They are gregarious animals and they love being in company, to play with them and feel all our love and affection.

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