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Sesame : How to foster the feeling of belonging


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Why is it so important to encourage the feeling of belonging? We explain its value in the company and how to promote it.

The feeling of belonging is synonymous with business value. The human part is the most important thing in a company, or it should be, and if it feels taken care of and identified with your company, it will be reflected throughout the organization.

You will wonder why it is so important, and the answer is very easy: when a worker is happy in your company, your productivity triples It is a chute of value for organizations, and value translates into success.

Now, how can we encourage it?

It is not a simple task, since it is something continuous and must always remain. It is not limited to simple actions in short periods of time, or is taken care of or lost.

This feeling is not reproduced in the same way in all people, since it varies depending on conditions and events. To promote the feeling of belonging we have to investigate the degree of this in the organization. We must ask ourselves the following questions:

  • What situation is the organization in? What type of relationship are there among the workers?
  • Which the level of identification of employees with the company? Identifying personal aspects of people can help us find out
  • Which the attitude from my collaborators towards the company? What level of work motivation are the employees?
  • Are you satisfied or happy with your job? Do you feel essential? Are you glad of the successes of the company?

When we know the status of our organization, we can start working with each of the parties to foster the sense of belonging in the company.

Some actions we can do are:

  • Include a training or personal training days. This helps employees feel valued and as an essential part for the company.
  • Celebrate individual and collective achievements. Recognizing the effort is very rewarding for employees.
  • Encourage the Internal communication and the Team building.
  • Create common space and participation, distribute responsibilities. This is a boost to motivation and creates very strong links.
  • Encourage a global vision of the organization. All members must understand that their actions are not isolated, what happens in one part of the system affects the whole set.