If you are one of those who have heard about the Law of hourly control, but you have nothing clear, we anticipate that Time control is mandatory for all workers.

Mandatory time registration in 2019

May 2019 will be remembered for the entry into force of the mandatory time control for employees. The objective is none other than to reduce the amount of overtime not paid and dignify the jobs.

This obligation is already contemplated in section 9 of article 34 Statute of Workers. This article indicates that:

The company will guarantee the daily log of the day, which must include the specific start and end time of the work day of each working person, without prejudice to the hourly flexibility established in this article.

Now that we know that the hourly control of workers is mandatory We tell you what tools are useful to record the working hours of employees.

Tools for hourly control of workers

After knowing the legislation that regulates the hourly register, it is time to learn how to comply with the regulations of hourly control through the use of tools.

From SupeRRHHéroes, we always emphasize the use of transparent tools for personnel management. Sesame allows employees to record the working day adapting to the legislation, but at the same time, making the employee part of the work time performed.

Sesame facilitates labor flexibility and teleworking, since it is a multi-device solution. It will not be necessary for the commercial team to travel to the office and then to the meeting with the client, since they can sign in from the mobile app.

In addition, being a solution in the cloud, the information of working hours will always be available to generate reports in pdf or excel format.

And you, have you adapted to the law of hourly control?