The May 12, and still many companies have not yet implemented a tool to comply with the new Schedule Control Law.

Only 10 days left to meet the new legislation, the countdown begins. Having a tool for timekeeping that suits the needs of companies is essential for this legislation to be productive.

We must know all your requirements, as well as know all the properties of the tool that we choose to meet the new Registration Law Schedule.

What happens if an inspection is presented in my company and we do not have the hourly records?

It is a question that torments many companies. In this case, the sanctions to which the organization would be subjected. Since it is considered a serious labor offense, it would be a maximum of up to € 6,250.

It is important not to wait until the last moment to install a tool, as the saying goes: Prevention is better than cure.

How long do we have to keep the registered documentation?

Another question that arises most these days before the Law. The answer is: minimum 4 years

The Labor Inspectorate has been monitoring the hourly control of workers for years, facing fraudulent temporality. The tool selected for the time control is of free choice, the most important thing is to ensure that the method used, effective, and that your data cannot be modified.

We must emphasize that the article 37.4 of the new norm expresses that "The Government may regulate in certain sectors how this control of the day takes shape". In many trades, such as commercial or transport, do not have a stipulated schedule in a fixed place of work, therefore we have to look for a tool that adapts to this mobility.

What if…?

And if there is no office? What if the workers are in constant motion? With Sesame you can sign from any job through the mobile App. Thanks to its system of geolocation, workers may sign during their work days outside the physical space, as long as the location has a meaning associated with the work and their tasks are updated. This functionality helps to keep time flexibility.

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