The UGT proposes 4 business days and 1 training. At first it is interesting, let's see how it unfolds.

Pepe Alvarez, Secretary General of UGTHe has announced that he will propose a working day of 4 working days and 1 training day at the confederal congress of 2020.

This translates into a weekly 32-hour day complemented by training. One of the main reasons, as the Secretary General has pointed out, is that if the retirement age is delayed, the 40% of unemployed youth will hardly find work, and that is why the workday must be distributed.

“It is necessary to stop talking about the work of the future because the work of the future is today and it is not necessary to wait to see what happens in 5 years is that today is happening and we have to give alternatives to the changes that are taking place today” has added.

It is an interesting measure for companies and workers, since having a training day can add value to companies and create consolidated teams.

What benefits can this proposal have?

  1. Motivation for employees. It is a good way to motivate teams to give more of themselves and be more productive.
  2. Sense of belonging. Be more comfortable with your workday, bring employees closer to their companies.
  3. Value. Training brings value to the company. Having qualified teams and aware of their environment is essential to achieve any goal.
  4. Productivity Improvement. Motivation together with learning, are batteries charged with positive energies to improve the productivity of companies.

How to manage the time control of this new proposal?

In accordance with the new Law on hourly registration, this proposal should be registered, the 4 days of work and training, but how could work days and training days be differentiated? Well, with Sesame, we can differentiate by tasks and by thematic blocks. That is, you could add "training" and add the tasks that employees have performed in the bliss.

It is a good way to manage the working day and to comply with the requirements of the new Law of hourly control. Adapting to the new proposals and providing facilities to workers is to make progress towards a better future.

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