The teleworking It is the order of the day, but not all companies know how to implement it. Let's look at the obligations demanded by teleworking.

Teleworking has multiple benefits for companies, you just have to know how to approach it in the best way. Companies must guarantee the necessary materials and all facilities accessible to their employees. This should help the work done through teleworking be done smoothly and efficiently.

To implement telework, they must meet the following obligations, according to the bill:

  • Must be voluntary.
  • It can be deleted when considered.
  • A contract or addendum is mandatory.
  • There should be measurable goals and objectives for employees.
  • You cannot change the working conditions established in the work code.
  • Time flexibility is allowed under agreement
  • Companies should facilitate the completion of teleworking tasks
  • Companies will have to provide the maintenance of equipment and materials for work
  • The worker's salary will not be limited if the equipment does not work or does not provide the necessary tools.

These are the obligations of the new standard to implement the telework that will be discussed this month. However, this establishment is not an obligation, but a voluntary measure that could be revoked if the employer is not satisfied.

This plan has the backing of businessmen, deputies from various parties and other analysts. Highlight with this plan the flexibility of hours and productivity.

This could save money for companies in concepts such as water, electricity, physical spaces, materials or furniture, according to a government study. Another factor of teleworking is the reduction of traffic, according to a government study, there would be 24 thousand fewer vehicles per day in large metropolitan areas, in addition to impacting the cost of fuel.

Fulfilling these obligations is essential to be implemented in a manner productive, it has to be a positive measure for companies and their collaborators.

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