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Sesame : Social networks for professionals


Social networks help us to our professionalization

It is true that social networks are in common use among millennials but they also have a use for the professional field. Although it is true that such use must be controlled and thus manage to project a professional image of the person, otherwise it can be very negative. It is a way to publicize the personal brand of the person to differentiate themselves from the rest of the competitors for a job.

Tips for posting

It is necessary to think about contributing value to your professional profile to arouse an interest in you. That is why you can create profiles in different social networks but without going over, since not by being in all of them you will have a better image.

  • Balance profiles with the same information: Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter
  • Boost your best qualities and achievements
  • Not get involved in political issues
  • Use the appropriate social network according to your professional profile
  • Publish quality content on networks
  • Know your public
  • Publish at the right time knowing the tools and program these publications
  • Use hastags but not on Facebook since they are not useful
  • Use a professional profile picture

The most used

We all know that the most used professional network is Linkedin, but there is more life beyond it.

  • Linkedin: it is the most used professional network, a network that allows you to contact many people and companies, network, show your achievements. In short, show your CV to the network.
  • Viadeo: It is less known than the previous one since it was founded in 2004. Users are professionals from various sectors, entrepreneurs … Here it is possible to show the CV online although it is necessary to be active to have results.
  • Xing: has the motto of "The best hits are the shared ones" . It was created in 2013 and has the utility of managing contacts and establishing new connections with professionals from any sector. The different thing is that it includes thematic groups and forums to raise questions and exchange information although it has job offers, company pages and section for publishing events.
  • Freelancer: This platform was born in 2009 and from here freelancers can access new ways of working. Small businesses publish a project and each self-employed person sends a proposal, so that the business values ​​the proposals of the different freelances and chooses which person is chosen. Another of the actions is the contests so that businesses access ideas of the self-employed and pay for the chosen one.

So that, Choose the most appropriate social network for your professional profile. But yes, introduce yourself in social networks because your image in them is important.

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