The devices most demanded by small and medium enterprises.

Tablets and mobiles to sign at work, the most demanded solution by SMEs

The entry into force of the Royal Decree law that requires the registration of business hours in companies, backed by European Justice, is a real revolution for human resources departments and managers who are adapting to these regulations by hiring solutions that allow signing of employees.

The Statute of Workers does not impose the way to do it, so companies can choose between a manual, computer, fingerprint registration system, etc. But the solution preferred by SMEs is being, signing through tablets and iPads since they allow immediate implementation without the need for complementary hardware and at a very economical cost.

In addition, this type of software adapts to very different needs that companies may have since they allow signing from outside the office, through mobile devices. In this way, and with the advantages offered by geolocation, they become the best solution for SMEs with employees in mobility, those that allow telecommuting and in general for companies that are already considering new formats of relationship with their workers, approaching flexi time formulas, where it is easier to reconcile schedules with personal life.

The European Court of Justice ruling also reaffirms in this line that reaffirms the obligation of the member states to implement “an objective, reliable and accessible system that allows computing working hours

Given this regulation, the avalanche of requests to time control software is being spectacular. Sesame time, is one of these tools. The company was born 4 years ago, and already had a large volume of customers both in Spain and in Latin America but in the last 2 weeks, that volume has multiplied by 5, its workforce has doubled, and the phones do not stop ringing .

Sesame Time, allows you to install a tablet on the wall of the office to replace the traditional signing machine, and use the app version so that workers who travel or serve customers outside the office can also record the day. At all times employees have access to check both their hours and schedules in addition to using other features such as task control or vacation management via APP. In that way it complies with the characteristics listed by European justice: “an objective, reliable and accessible software”

Although the government is launching messages of tranquility implying that there will be no special zeal in the first few weeks on the fulfillment of the decree, the new regulations are in the business of entrepreneurs facing fines of between € 626 and € 6,250.

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