Signing has advantages for everyone, we will see the best of registering the workday.

Up to 65% of Spanish employees say they work beyond the established schedule according to Deusto Formation sources.

The countdown begins to regulate the situation in the companies and it is that the Law of Time Control begins to act as of May 12. In all companies, a record of entry and exit of all workers must be established, including temporary workers. In this way, both parties will have control of the hours worked by providing such data. In addition, from the Spanish administration, the breach of this mandatory signing system will be penalized, and this breach will entail a fine of € 6250 for the company.

In addition to the obligation to have this tool, the company must have a record of the hours worked of each employee for a period of 4 years and with this data will have a control of said necessary information. The most satisfactory system for this control is Sesame since it assumes that in a very simple way all these workers control data will be available for workers and employees.

Spain is the country with more obligation in the control of workers, in other European countries such as Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, France or the United States there is no obligation to have a time register for workers.

Multiple Benefits

This mandatory system is beneficial for the company and for the workers. For the company the hourly control is essential and although the word control is still used it is necessary to change the mentality to use the term management and registration of the working day. Using this term eliminates the negative concept of the word control.

Advantages for all

One of the great advantages of this is that employee productivity is also motivated by reducing unjustified work absenteeism and reports are generated with hours worked. You even comply with the law that is the most important and avoid a fine for the company.

The workers are also important and for them this system also has advantages since it helps them to be aware of the time worked and in this way to be able to plan their working day with their family life. Temporary workers must also be registered for their contribution and their remuneration since although they work less hours they have the same rights.

As we said in our other posts about the Schedule Control Law, all are advantages! And it is that working and having a control of what has worked cannot be so bad.