The approaching elections, it already smells like envelope and the polls are ready. We will introduce ourselves in the proposals of our politicians to support the autonomous.

The freelancers, one of the most coveted groups by politicians, and therefore they make special dedication in some of their proposals, since in Spain there are 3.25 million of self-employed workers.

The next 28 of April Are the General elections, and the parties have expressed during their campaign some interesting proposals for the self-employed. Who will get closer to your needs?

The proposals of the political parties:

Dear freelancers, come and see:

  • Popular Party Proposals: lower fees and expand flat rates.

The PP wants expand the much claimed "flat rate" paid by the new self-employed, in which they pay € 60 per month in the first months of activity. Your proposal is based on extending this bonus period of 2 to 3 years.

This period is intended to extend to those under 30 and those over 52, to long-term unemployed and other groups as victims of gender violence and people with a disability of at least 33%

Other proposals are the reduction of the Social Security quota to those who have incomes below the minimum interprofessional salary, on an annual basis.

Finally, they commit to extend active retirement to 100%, as well as facilitating the reconciliation of work and family life with measures of action in both areas.

  • PSOE Proposals: link the contribution to income and social protection.

Pedro Sánchez's match bets on link the quote to income, which entails a reform of the Special Regime for Autonomous Workers.

They promise to extend social protection, to match it with employees, extending their rights. In addition, fight against the false self-employed and create a national office of entrepreneurship, to encourage and support the digital environment.

  • Proposals We can: uncover the false autonomous.

The party that Pablo Iglesias is leading, says there are some false freelancers, being these those who have a single payer. They refer to these being harmful especially for those who receive low incomes. Its main objective is to uncover these false freelancers.

They also propose that they quote only for the returns they obtain and make Bankia a public financial institution with which to finance projects of small entrepreneurs and SMEs.

  • Propuestas Citizens: It will improve the flat rate and the fees for having children.

The Citizens Party, led by Albert Rivera, wants extend the flat rate of € 60 to 2 years For the new self-employed, this would also benefit the corporate self-employed who manage an SME.

On the other hand, it promises that we will not have to advance the VAT of those invoices that have not been collected and claims through Tax agency to debtors who exceed 60 days of default. In addition, they intend to establish a zero quota for those with an income lower than the SMI. In addition, they want to guarantee the right to receive unemployment on equal terms that the rest of the workers and those with children do not pay a fee during the first two years.

Finally, he wants to allow the entire working life to be counted for the calculation of the pension, receiving 100% of the pension, whether or not they hire a worker.

  • Vox Proposals: “zero” fee for the lower income of SMI.

The party led by Santiago Abascal opts for create a "zero fee" euros to the self-employed who enter an amount lower than the minimum wage. If they exceed that limit, the fee would start at € 50 per month and would be progressive based on income. In addition, they promise to bonus 100% of the fee while the self-employed person is on leave.


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