First of all: Happy worker's day! Let's see some of your concerns and concerns.

It is one of the worries that worry the workers, the situation of the autonomous in Spain.

“3 out of 5 Spaniards believe that the self-employed do not have a good situation”

"The main concerns of these are: casualties, retirement or unemployment"

“60% say they are happier working on their own”

Three out of five Spaniards consider that the situation of the self-employed in Spain is bad. It is a worrying fact that reveals a report made by Labor Day by the insurance comparator

The 35.2% of respondents defines their situation as "regular", and only for a 8% Remaining is good. And it is that the fees, the possibility of standing still for an illness, without a vehicle or doubts about your retirement, are some of the issues that you have not just convinced. Something I could explain stagnation The sector is suffering.

The casualties, retirement and unemployment, reasons for concern for the self-employed

Financial difficulties involve a 30% of worries Mainly worries about retirement, the minimum contribution base, tax burdens, customer shortages, submerged economy or customer delinquencies.

Although, despite these, the 60% They say they are happier since they are self-employed. It is not a fact that surprises us if we consider that 8 out of 10 Spaniards are unhappy at work.

And the rest of the workers, what are they worried about?

Many of the concerns mentioned above torment the rest of the workers in general. In fact, unemployment tops the list of concerns of Spaniards, as well as the disagreement with the duration of the unemployment benefit. The Spaniards disagree either, with the decrease in the unemployment benefit as time goes by; something he shares until 76% of the participants.

Labor Day: Spaniards, dissatisfied and poorly done with their work

Little done and valued: this is how Spanish workers feel, according to the report made by The study of the concerns of the Spaniards in the labor world, suggests that the feeling of little recognition is due to salary compensation, projection in the company, as well as with the general recognition of superiors and bosses. Very few workers allude to the work performed, which could be extracted as something positive.

As for the minimum wage, up to 9 out of 10 Spaniards consider it unfair. Something that adds to other dissatisfactions such as the lack of family reconciliation and that end up with 8 out of 10 unhappy Spaniards in the position they occupy. As a curious fact, extracted from the report, 4 out of 10 employees would be willing to charge less in exchange for being happier at work.

On the other hand, valuing employees and giving them the recognition they deserve is very positive for companies, since those employees who receive congratulations end up being 12% more productive. And in the opposite direction, lack of satisfaction reduces productivity and quality of work.

Unemployment, the great cause for concern

The great cause of concern among Spanish workers, ahead of the corruption and fraud. The last quarter has closed with a sum of 49,900 unemployed Moreover, the worst start of the year since 2013, in addition, the unemployment benefit is shorter and smaller.

In fact, this is one of the turning points: according to Acierto's study, the 67% does not agree with the duration of the current benefit.