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Sesame : We present to you the influencers of HR


  • The most influencer in Human Resources

One of the most used words in 2018: Influencers We have found the most "chic" companies in Human Resources.

Companies that stand out for their great work and become influencers for the rest, in role models. Let's put a hashtag to allude to our It business. How are you #TuCrushEnRRHH? if we consider that …

Crush: Someone or something that you idolize and admire, a platonic love.

This very millennial term is a great paradox of business reality. In many companies, competition is analyzed what is known as "Benchmarking". This term refers to a continuous process by which the products, services or work processes of leading companies are taken as a reference, to compare them with those of your own company and then make improvements and implement them.

In the human resources sector, as in many others, there are companies that stand out for their actions. The effort, dedication and work are recognized.

The main categories by which the best companies in human resources stand out:

  • Recruitment and staff selection
  • Physicals conditions
  • Compensation
  • Organizational development
  • Talent and performance
  • Recognition
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Sustainable Social Commitment
  • Philosophy and codes

The most top HR companies in 2018

  • Great Palladium The company concerned with making a segmentation of its hotels and launching new brands for each one with expansion policies and complying with quality standards, obtained recognition after sharing his practices in Recognition, with your program Customer Service Excellence and his prize to Palladium Spirit.
  • Brisas Group. It focuses on generating unique experiences by turning vacations into adventures. He received recognition for his practice in Communication, is in constant contact with its employees through innovative strategies and creative pieces of communication in which it recalls the importance of people, highlighting values ​​such as honesty, loyalty, quality, humor and innovation. It makes its collaborators part of the different initiatives.
  • Crystal Jewels. Their Brigade Brilliant program, focused on the selection of personnel, has made them stand out in Training and Recruitment, this has had an impact on its “Bright University” learning platform, in which its collaborators can access, this helps them to contribute their strategic objectives. In addition, with a Career Plan, it develops collaborators with potential in the organization and defines replacement tables for the different positions in the sales area.
  • This Lauder Companies. He participated with a practice of Sustainable Social Commitment through which they donated 2.7 million pesos to different foundations with the same cause, fight against breast cancer. This action involved all employees as sales executives, among others. They participated to raise awareness with the campaign, with their work time. This generated a feeling of belonging and pride in being part of it.
  • Volkswagen Stresses that the determining factor for the proper functioning of the company lies in human capital; That is why it carries out specific talent search processes. With his practice of Training He was recognized, thanks to his specialist recruitment and selection workshops.

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