Women still have less pay

Women occupy only one 16% of the most important positions in Spain, This is four points more than in 2016 although before the economic crisis it was 20% according to the report of “Women's Talent” of 2019. This study has been prepared by ICSA Group and EADA Business School prepared from a sample of 80,000 employees.

The recovery of the economy has not been an improvement for the presence of women since it has not reduced the wage gap that in average positions represents 11% and 12% in employees. The current average remuneration of a manager is € 82,763 gross per year while in the case of women it would be € 71,271. The mentioned report comments that the current difference is four points higher than in 2008, which means that in 2008 the pay for women was greater.

The Government since last summer decided to force companies with more than 250 workers to make salaries public through the Law on the disclosure of non-financial information and diversity. These salaries must be made public by age, professional category and sex. This measure is a boost for wage equalization.

For management positions, the gender female It represents 8.6% of the general directorates, 7.7% of business addresses and 20% in financial management and 32% in Human Resources. Indry Canchila, partner of ICSA and Aline Masuda professor at EADA Business School, have affirmed that although there have been improvements in the last 3 years the changes have been slow and insufficient. The personal, business and political fields stand out as points to central efforts.

Women managers ask and defend the need to motivate young women to decide to study technical careers where today there are still very few women and so that they do not feel ashamed for being strong, demanding, perfectionist and with the ability to lead.

Access barriers

  • The main barrier of access to the address for women is maternity and so they consider it in all the autonomous communities, 80% of Basque entrepreneurs, 79% in Andalusia, 66% in Catalonia, 65% in Madrid and Valencia. Only the Galicians think that it influences less since 32% of the businessmen of Galicia think that it is influential.
  • Another of the influential barriers occurs at the time of develop necessary managerial skills for promotion in the company. Necessary actions such as the necessary training or networking.
  • Men and women have prejudices towards women to occupy leadership positions
  • The absence of conciliation and responsibilities with the non-shared family also affect as a barrier when accessing a good job.


Some institutions such as private companies or others decide to support the initiative of women with special programs that offer them an opportunity for improvement.


  • Santander W50 Scholarships, it is a training project aimed at supporting the career of women in collaboration with the Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles. The participating profile is a professional woman with a direct profile between 30 and 40 years old. The scholarships allow an online preparation phase, a face-to-face training phase in Los Angeles and a final evaluation and follow-up. This program born in 2011 has been important in the lives of 300 women around the world and has given them the opportunity to learn how to lead and how to focus their future on their professional career.
  • Calls for gender and equality studies
  • Aid for the business environment of the Chamber of Commerce of Spain

Women move forward and we are proud to have a great team of professional women.