1. LinkedIn has stopped penalising posts with external links this year.
  2. And now for some massive news for those of you who find yourselves forgetting to add the link on the regular!
  3. It appears that LinkedIn have now stopped penalising posts for containing external links.

subsequently, Why is my link not working on LinkedIn? The error message “LinkedIn URL must be a valid URL” indicates that your link does not include all the necessary components for the system to recognize it as a valid URL. You may be seeing this error message because your link may not have “https://” at the beginning.

How do you beat LinkedIn algorithm? Build a Strategic Network Connections are perhaps the most important factor when it comes to “beating” the LinkedIn algorithm. Come up with a game plan. Try to connect with 2-5 new people per week and engage with their posts. Offer an introduction through direct messages when you invite people to connect.

Does LinkedIn automatically shorten urls?

When you share a link that’s longer than 26 characters, we automatically shorten it once you click Post, to make it easier to read. You can add text to your post either before or after the URL.

How do I post a link to a company on LinkedIn? To do this, you just type the @ symbol and start typing a name or company name. Once you’ve got your copy ready and you’ve added in your link, you can go ahead and hit the “Post” button.

How do I make an image clickable on LinkedIn?

Add the image FIRST, then add the link

  1. Log into LinkedIn and/or click on the HOME icon.
  2. Click on the camera icon.
  3. Upload your image. You will then see it in the window.
  4. Add any text and your LINK in the text area of the block.
  5. Click the POST button and it will go live.

What is the format for LinkedIn URL?

Under LinkedIn, locate your public profile URL. It’ll be an address that starts with https://www.linkedin.com/in. You can copy and paste this link to share it with others.

Where is LinkedIn URL?

On the side of your profile page, you’ll find the option to edit your profile and URL. 2. Again looking to the right-hand side of your screen, under “Edit your custom URL,” take note of the URL provided there. This is the current URL address of your LinkedIn profile page.

Why can I not tag a company on LinkedIn?

Here is what tagging looks like in a post. There are times when the tagging may not work. You might need to be a first level connection or have other connections in common if the person you are tagging is not a 1st level connection. You might also need to try a couple times to see if the name comes up.

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