1. At McKinsey, the salary for entry-level consultants (Analysts) ranges from $90,000 to $110,000 per year, while the figure for MBA-level/experienced Associates can go up to $233,000.
  2. Engagement Managers typically earn around $250,000, while Partners and Directors can earn up to $1,300,000.

subsequently, Is McKinsey better than Deloitte? Deloitte scored higher in 2 areas: Work-life balance and CEO Approval. McKinsey & Company scored higher in 7 areas: Overall Rating, Career Opportunities, Compensation & Benefits, Senior Management, Culture & Values, % Recommend to a friend and Positive Business Outlook.

How much is McKinsey bonus? McKinsey Consultant Salary & Bonuses MBA graduates at McKinsey can earn performance bonuses up to $45,000, and a signing bonus of $30,000. For master’s graduates, performance bonuses cap at $30,000, with a signing bonus of $5,000.

How many hours a week do McKinsey consultants work?

MBAs at McKinsey & Co., one of the most prestigious employers in the world, told TransparentCareer that they work an average of 72 hours per week. At Boston Consulting Group, it’s 63 hours every week, while at Bain & Co., the average is 58 hours per week.

Will McKinsey pay for MBA? McKinsey also offers 50% off second year MBA tuition for returning interns. A McKinsey consultant salary for master’s graduates comes in at $100,000 with performance bonuses of up to $30,000.

Is McKinsey part of the Big Four?

The Big Four are the world’s largest consulting firms, accounting for nearly 40% of the industry’s $150 billion global market. PwC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG are followed by US strategy giants McKinsey & Company and The Boston Consulting Group.

Is McKinsey better than Big 4?

McKinsey’s education and technology practices are much stronger than those of BCG or Bain. But in private equity, Bain offers more. MBB have strong resources and expertise in specific areas, and candidates with different backgrounds usually have a better chance at one of them over the other consulting firms.

Which of the big 4 is best for consulting?

The Big 4 firms in management consulting are Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Deloitte), KPMG International (KPMG), PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), and Ernst & Young (EY).

Comparing the careers.

Rank Avg. Score Name
1 8.984 McKinsey & Company
2 8.738 Boston Consulting Group
3 8.600 Bain & Company
4 7.121 Deloitte Consulting LLP

Which colleges do McKinsey recruit from?

McKinsey hires from some of the best business schools in the world, including Harvard, Stanford, INSEAD, and HEC Paris, and there are a diverse array of MBA jobs at McKinsey for students after a career in consulting.

What skills does McKinsey look for?

McKinsey, often the most formulaic of the firms, clearly states on their own site that they’re looking for these four skill sets: leadership, entrepreneurial drive, personal impact, problem solving. McKinsey specifically assesses these skill set via the McKinsey personal experience interview (PEI).

Does McKinsey only hire Ivy?

No, MBBs actually do a lot of hiring outside of top-tier schools. In the past, it was very rare for MBBs to recruit outside of their target schools, but this has changed a lot and continues to change each year.

What majors does McKinsey hire?

A degree in math, statistics, economics, econometrics, operations research, or a related quantitative discipline will equip you with the necessary skills for the job.

Where does McKinsey recruit the most?

Not surprisingly, the target schools at McKinsey include the big brand powerhouses that dominate the top of most MBA rankings. It will surprise no one to know that every M7 school is on the list: Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Booth, Kellogg and Columbia.

Does McKinsey pay for MBA?

McKinsey also offers 50% off second year MBA tuition for returning interns. A McKinsey consultant salary for master’s graduates comes in at $100,000 with performance bonuses of up to $30,000.

How long is McKinsey hiring process?

An Overview Of The McKinsey Recruitment Process Most of the time, this process takes between 2x and 3x months, with often 14 days between steps on average. However, the 2x rounds of interviews can be planned for 2x consecutive days.

What does McKinsey look for in a resume?

We encourage you to think broadly about what makes you special and present yourself as holistically as possible. We do look for skills and strengths in areas like problem solving, inclusive leadership, entrepreneurial drive so think about how you can demonstrate those aspects.

How stressful is McKinsey?

McKinsey can be a high-stress environment McKinsey consultants are frequently performance reviewed and work under high expectations. Everyone has seen other consultants give in to the stress. People get overwhelmed, burn out, and sometimes get sick.

What is McKinsey acceptance rate?

And the McKinsey recruitment process is one of the most selective as well: only 1% of the 200,000 applicants receive an offer.

Why is McKinsey evil?

Over the years, McKinsey’s advice has been blamed for billions’ worth of missteps at companies from General Motors to General Electric. In 1980, it famously told AT&T that mobile phones had a limited future. It also pushed for the disastrous merger of AOL and Time Warner in 2001.

What is the hardest company to get a job at?

The top three most difficult companies to interview for are McKinsey & Company, Thoughtworks and Boston Consulting Group. McKinsey has topped this list for the past three years.

How many people get McKinsey first round?

If you have been invited to a first round interview with McKinsey, you therefore have a 10% chance of getting an offer. The good news is that the first and second round interviews are really manageable when you know how to prepare.

Is consulting a dying industry?

The global management consulting industry declined in 2020 by about 15 percent.

Is McKinsey fun to work for?

The McKinsey culture is unique At the same time, it’s outwardly positive and upbeat. People are optimists and very little is seen as impossible. This upbeat, can-do spirit probably helps the Firm crack the problems others shy away from.

Is McKinsey a big 4?

The big four consulting firms that account for nearly 40% of the industry are PwC, Deloitte, EY, and KPMG. These are followed by McKinsey & Company and the BCG – US strategy giants. There are several reasons for an MBA graduate’s fascination with consulting careers.

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