1. Yes, definitely.
  2. You could say I’m interested, please tell me more.
  3. In British English, it’s very common for someone to say simply ‘interesting’ when they are offered something in informal circumstances.

subsequently, How do you use interesting interested? Here’s a general rule to help you remember the difference:

  1. When talking about yourself or your feelings, use the –ed ending. “I am interested in music.”
  2. When talking about others or something outside yourself, use the –ing ending. “That music is interesting.”

How do you use Interested in a sentence? Interested sentence example

  1. I truly believe he may be interested in doing the same to you. …
  2. Are you as interested in photography as we are? …
  3. Would you be interested in minding my place? …
  4. He had used her and she had been fool enough to think he was actually interested in her.

What is the meaning of I am interested?

Answer. Interested means “wanting to learn more about something.” Interested is used to describe a person who wants to learn more about something or to become involved in something or has the desire to do or have something.

What is the best definition of interest? What Is Interest? Interest is the monetary charge for the privilege of borrowing money, typically expressed as an annual percentage rate (APR). Interest is the amount of money a lender or financial institution receives for lending out money.

How do you say the word interesting?

If it’s four syllables, it can be pronounced IN-te-res-ting. Interesting. Oh, that’s interesting. Or, as you know, Americans sometimes drop the T after an N.

Is interesting a positive word?

The word “interesting” is inherently neither negative nor positive. It means to arouse curiosity or interest, which people often associate with positive feelings, but to say something is interesting says nothing about whether it is good or bad.

How do you say you are interested in something in English?

To say that you are interested in doing something or to say that you want to do something, you can use the expression ‘I would like to..’ or ‘I feel like…’ The structure ‘I would like to’ is used to talk about things you are interested in doing. I’d like to be the next Prime Minister. I’d like to become a scientist.

Is it correct to say very interested?

This is not correct. Don’t use this phrase. “I am very interested” indicates a great deal of interest in something. Since listeners already know that your level of interest is high, “much” is not needed.

Can I say highly interested?

The ‘h’ in ‘high’ is not silent as in for example ‘an honest man’. And as in copyright’s post, your sentences are grammatically correct but it’s not very common to use the expressions ‘have a high interest’ and ‘highly interested.

What is the meaning of extremely interested?

Using ‘Passionate about’, ‘enthralled by’, ‘fascinated by’, ‘obsessed with’, or ‘mesmerized by’ all show strong emotional feelings about the subject. Using ‘interested in’, ‘attracted to’, ‘absorbed by’, ‘immersed in’, and ‘preoccupied with’ all show a strong liking for the subject but the emotion implied is less.

What is the preposition for interested?

Notice how we use the adjective interested with the prepositions in (+ noun or verb -ing) and to (+ infinitive). If we use interested with to, we usually say ‘would be interested to …’ (I’d be interested to .., he’d be interested to .., etc.)

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