1. You don’t need to include high school education on your resume.
  2. If you have any education beyond high school, the degree is implied and including it would be redundant.
  3. Even if your highest degree is high school, you should still leave it off.

moreover, How do you explain why you don’t have a degree? If the employer pushes you to explain your lack of a degree, be completely honest. If you couldn’t afford the tuition to attend college and had to go to work instead, tell your employer. That could very well demonstrate that you are a hard-working individual, which is always a plus as far as your employer is concerned.

Is it OK to leave education off your resume?

If you have more than 10 to 15 years of experience, put your education at the bottom of your resume without a graduation date. If you have five to seven years of experience, put your education at the bottom of the resume with your graduation date.

Can you lie about education on resume?

Lying on your resume about your education level in order to obtain a position or advance in your career is NOT okay and chances are, it will catch up to you. I highly recommend full honesty when creating your resume.

What should not be included in a resume? Things not to put on your resume

  1. Too much information.
  2. A solid wall of text.
  3. Spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  4. Inaccuracies about your qualifications or experience.
  5. Unnecessary personal information.
  6. Your age.
  7. Negative comments about a former employer.
  8. Details about your hobbies and interests.

What to say if you don’t have a degree?

Stay Positive. In your cover letter, avoid focusing on your lack of a degree. Sentences like, “I know I don’t have a bachelor’s degree, but…” only highlight your lack of a degree. Instead, focus on the skills that you do have, and explain how your job experiences make you a strong fit for the job.

How do you answer that you don’t have a degree?

Highlight the strengths you have, benchmark yourself against your peers who have gone down the academic route (without saying, “I am better than people with degrees”) and demonstrate how you have achieved the same level of experience or higher.

How do you write a resume if you have not graduated yet?

What should you include on your resume when you haven’t finished your degree?

  1. State the college you’re attending.
  2. The degree you’re pursuing.
  3. Your area of study.
  4. Current GPA (if 3.0 or higher)
  5. Include your anticipated graduation date; this is very important if your graduation date is within the next 12 months.

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