Several office styles and inspirations will help you build your office better and define your own. This article lists 15 DIY decorating ideas that you can reproduce for your office.

Whether in the bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, or a room dedicated to this purpose, the office will find its place and bring style to your chic interior.

15 decorating ideas to create a home office

It is more and more common for people to change their environment to do their work at home.

Thus, the home environment must adapt to new ways of working and become more flexible, but without losing elegance – as in the case of these 15 ideas to decorate your future office space.

In this selection, I will present you home office ideas, of different sizes and styles of decoration, such as office ideas with plants that bring, in addition to functionality, beauty in every detail.

Strong colors


To create a home office style, it makes sense to choose an elegant office. An office chair and a bench to accommodate “customers”.

Even if you do not welcome people into your office, it is important to create a professional office space if the space allows.

Thus, in this example, the office was arranged in a room and arranged according to the double windows. This French window lets natural light into this office. It’s an ideal desk for a writer.

Here, the rustic and handcrafted wooden table / desk harmonizes with the solid wood stool and contrasts with the more modern black and gold lamp.

The dark blue bench and the patterned planter on the table add a classic touch to the atmosphere. The carpet also allows not to scratch your floor, but also provides an intimate space with a reminder of the blue of the bench.

Hippie chic


A hippie chic office, why not? For this, a table, a chair and a simple desk in white lacquered wood form a neutral and classic base for this desk. This decorating idea can perfectly fit in the living room or in the bedroom.

The elements that bring the touch of warmth are objects that have acquired new uses and created a hippie chic atmosphere. This is the case of the geometric carpet which, nailed to the wall, gives color and gains the status of a work of art.

Another model in similar tones follows its usual function on the wooden floor, further coloring the space next to the plants arranged in pots of different sizes. Plants are an integral part of this space.

Black and pink


You want a sophisticated office: I think you can create a sophisticated combination like pink and black. Try the minimalist style to form a sophisticated combination.

It is an office which was signed by the duo Pella Hedeby and Marie Ramse for this office.

Using minimalism, space confronts, in the midst of straight and pure lines, the sobriety of one color with the serenity of the other. To make everything even more interesting, the wall appears two-tone, in a game of high contrast.

Thus, a wenge-colored wooden board fixed on the wall to be the desk as well as 3 shelves for storage make this space unique

Near the stairs


These are practical and original ideas that optimize the space of your property. This home office has transformed an underused area of ​​the home.

At the end of the stairs, the space took shape without the need for a break, only with the arrival of new furniture and the old metal railing.

The structure fulfills the function of division between the desk and the ladder without interfering with the range of natural light and ventilation. An industrial style has been created with a sober desk and an armchair filling this space.

A multifunctional space


In this home office, the computer is comfortably seated on a desk, which can also be used as a space to receive guests for dinner. This office can also be a shared office space (co-working).

In the background, the cabinet with drawers can store office supplies and household accessories. The warm color palette creates a nice combination to contrast gently with the light tones and the thin black lines.

Surrounded by nature


One way to make working hours at home lighter is to bet on a decor filled with plants. Knowing this, the graphic designer and director artistic Dabito, from Old Brand New studio, has created a charming composition of wooden shelves in golden rails in his home office. There he placed, instead of books, a collection of foliage and cacti.

An elegant office


This home office is a great example to show off a perfect combination with dark walls. The monochrome palette and a little creativity in hanging the frames make this space have been surrounded.

The space was painted in dark gray, serving as a starting point for choosing all the other elements in black, white and gray. On the computer, a shelf is used to support an eclectic collection of works of art.

The final touch is due to two elements: industrial lighting and plants.

Exuberant panel


Tranquility in harmony with functionality has been created through a calm and elegant color palette. This home office is a haven of peace.

The custom-made wooden furniture gives the space a sophisticated accent, even more with the lacquer finish and some glass details. To complete the decoration, a Muxarabi panel was installed.

This desk has all the essentials: storage shelves arranged within the reception chairs . A composition of two coffee tables brings the final touch to have a hospital office.

In the bedroom


It is possible to create an office area in a bedroom area.

In the case of this home office, created by Blar Harris, the dark blue covering the walls and the window will bring concentration, sophistication and comfort, necessary both for work and for sleep and rest.

As it is a heavy tone, the curtain will be light and thin to make the environment lighter.

Pop and Vintage


In this piece, created by Nicole Hollis , the desk is next to the bed. The bed has a sculptural, yellow headboard, an immediate link to Hans Wegner’s red Wishbone chair, available in the dedicated home office area.

Vintage elements like the typewriter, the camera and the industrial wall lamp bring more personality to the space.

The bedside table has been replaced by this desk: small detail, choose a desk height slightly below normal and / or suitable for the height of your headboard.

Office with view


Signed by the architectural office Studio 3.7, this home office has gained a privileged and unusual space, the view.
Overlooking the apartment balcony, the atmosphere has created an office that can accommodate up to two people.

To complete the office, a large office cupboard keeps documents and office supplies behind the desk.

Unusual place


Despite the difficulty of joining one in the environment, the office can also find its place in the kitchen. Intellectual activity can have lightness in a comfortable environment – just as the art of cooking can become deeper with the study of recipes and ingredients.

In this proposal, the wood of the floor combines with the desk and the chair, which is the center of attention of the space. Metal black and certain objects also create harmony with the tone of window frames and cupboards.

But the gaze cannot distance itself from the arm of the chair: this hairspring inspires relaxation and contemplation.

Relaxed climate


Light tones and a high astral atmosphere surround this office.

Seeking to optimize square meters, the integration of the environment was done in an unusual way: the office part encroaches on the work space of the kitchen through a wooden table, which can be used for eating or being productive at office.

The library is also a centerpiece: made of yellow structures, it completes the light air of the composition. Plants, neutral colors, shelves are the keys to the success of an office.

Less is more


The less is the more: this desk, created by Cremme, displays a sleek design, with a wooden table and a chair on the same tone parquet. The niches, molded or closed, maintain the organization of the space in an alternative way, leaving aside the traditional shelves and cupboards.

Vases and decorative objects, such as the metal bucket, blank canvas supported on the wall and vintage cameras, give a perfect artistic touch.

Vintage elegance


Originating or contemporary, the woodwork recalls the aesthetics of a time when the walls were works of art. In this office, created by the Helle Flou studio, gilding was brought in as was the pastel of colors in the light “candy” tones.

The Scandinavian design furniture gives them a beautiful contrast of forms, with its simple lines and fine structures. Chairs with clean lines echo the walls of the room.