During this article, you will discover 16 ideas for office layouts for this new school year. To have an organized office, you still need to organize it through different tools like organizers.

The positioning of objects, furniture and the use of walls optimize the office space.

The first idea is simple: placing hanging organizers and installing signs in front of the desk helps organize this space.
Organizing papers, cables, pens, newspapers, reminders and notebooks is not always easy.

Sometimes the office is filled with objects, with no space and needs to be improved.

Here are a few separate ideas that will help you optimize the workplace.


To have a more organized work table, it is a good idea to lift the elements. Organizers, shelves, drawers and shelves nailed to the wall keep more space in your office.

So even if you have a very small desk, no space is wasted. You have room for activities without the space being large.

Here are some simple ideas to replicate:

The paper and paper organizers nailed to the wall prevent the table from polluting with many elements.
Several elements can be raised at the same time.
Small drawers that also serve as free space on the shelves in the small office.
Using a wooden ruler and supports, jars of jelly can become supports and suspensions.

Cable placement

Computer, cell phone and tablet chargers, among others, can be repaired using staples and boxes in the best “do it yourself” style.

Attach paper clips to the edge of the table to secure the tip of the magazines.

With a well-wrapped shoebox, you can hide the power strip and organize all of the electronic cables.

Mobile support

If space allows, have a mobile stand where you can put books, magazines, papers, and other items.
An iron cart is practical, useful and leaves an elegant atmosphere

There are options for all styles of environment.

A magnetic wall painting

Make murals in front of the table to place important reminders, bills to pay, memos, etc. They can be made of various materials and formats of different sizes.

Here are some ideas

Several cutting boards on a wall were thus arranged. They can even have a different style and serve as decoration.

A wagon-style fresco is also beautiful and useful. The cord can be made of fabric, twine or steel, with bundles of different materials.

A metal tile wall painting is also interesting in front of the desk.

A small table on the table is another option. You can also put a metal frame with magnets.

Enjoy the walls

Another option for using space is to have entire walls serve as a mural or panel.

Here are some suggestions:

An entire wall covered with cork gives rise to a huge mural
Paint that mimics the painting can be used to make the walls even more useful.
There are also adhesive and wallpaper options that mimic the texture of the blackboard.

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