The office has become an essential element in the decoration of the house. The office must be a pleasant and functional place. You don’t have to be distracted to be constantly focused on your work. Everyday life must also be made easier.

In this context, it is possible to follow different decorative lines, so that the environment has consistency with the one who uses it.

When the office is part of the house, it is interesting that the office is consistent with the rest of the decoration.

Offices with furniture

Look below: 4 inspiring office ideas

Office Ideas to Get Inspired

Here are some examples of office designs made with ready-made and inspired furniture

• Office in a room with lots of storage

The idea was to create an industrial-style desk that could perfectly suit a teenage bedroom. The desk fits perfectly into a bedroom.

These desks with these numerous lockers are ideal in a small room. The space to work is not thus encroached on by the storage towers.

You can also integrate it into a large bedroom and in this case: create a meeting / relaxation area with two poufs and a glass coffee table. The carpet brings warmth to the whole.

Image and furniture: Mobly

• Corner desk

This office idea fits both in a bedroom and in the living room: you set up a corner of the room with an elegant and functional desk. It’s an L-shaped desk with a futon sofa bed. The storage spaces are both integrated in the office as well as in height.

For colors: mix of colors and materials to be both comfortable and elegant. We have the elegance brought by wood accompanied by black and gray walls. The liveliness of the room is brought by the blue of the sofa.

Image and furniture: Mobly

• Noble office

This office idea works ideally if you have a room dedicated to your workspace. It is a desk with neutral and light colors.

The contrast was brought about by the mixture of wood and brown. We have both a classic atmosphere and a more cheerful wall than if it remained white.

Image and furniture: Mobly

• A cheerful and lively environment

It is quite possible to have a desk with bright colors thanks to the use of strong colors and contrasts. The environment is multidisciplinary: it functions as a home office, an extra guest bedroom as well as a TV room.

Image and furniture: Mobly