Whether you have a home office or elsewhere, it is very important to have in your small space to organize the papers of the house or a useful place to highlight. You have a room that you are not using, so consider decorating your office so that it is perfect.

I’ll help you find the perfect inspiration for a relaxing environment that is essential for working effectively.


9 great ideas for a perfect office

We assume that the perfect decoration is the one that best suits your tastes and needs, always according to the space you have and your budget.

  1. Your office furniture is important

Yes, the furniture is quite important. First of all, it is essential to find a chair that suits our needs. You don’t have to leave on a classic office chair. You are free to take the same chair from your living room. It’s up to you to bring the little detail like a little plaid or even a faux fur rug….

As for furniture, well, I advise you to choose versatile furniture, and that you take into account your needs.

You have a lot of paper so don’t take a desk with no storage space. This is a perfect desk for bloggers or just working with a computer and more.

  1. Take care of the lighting in your space

A good lighting helps boost your productivity and creativity. Whether with ceiling, floor or desk lamps, try to create well-lit environments.

Ideally, place your table in front of a window, because the unobstructed views (especially in front of nature) are the ones that will provide you with the best lighting.

If you cannot arrange your table in front of a window, a side window will suffice. Anyway, don’t despair, good artificial lighting is also capable of creating ideal environments.

Take this example of an office: a corridor was used to install a linear office with storage spaces in the walls. In this case, you have to choose chairs that slide under the desk so as not to lose anything.

Another principle that you should take into account when lighting is to take care of the light coming through your windows and filter it. In this office, a white blind has been arranged to make it look like continuity with the wall of the corridor.

  1. The colors are quite important

The colors with which you decorate your desk are important because, as you know, our mood may depend on colors.

Some colors are more soothing than others.

Anyway, I remind you that colors such as yellow or orange invite dynamism and that the purple color stimulates your creativity.

  1. Plants Can Help You Decorate Your Desk

Plants are ideal for decorating any space in which you place them. So do not skimp on your efforts and look for plants that adapt to the climate and lighting of your space. You do not have a green thumb so I advise you to bet on a false plant or succulents.

You already know that there are plants that can last a long time, even in relatively closed spaces.



  1. Vinyl and ideal phrases to give a fun touch to your office

A motivating and cheerful sentence can be more motivating than seeing only one white wall. So why not ? Install a motivating phrase in front of your office or even the conference room to change this “hospital” type atmosphere.

If you have a favorite phrase or drawing that you like, turn them into vinyl and enjoy it daily in your workspace .

Find the right measurements and colors that combine with your workspace and enjoy them every day.

  1. Moodboards, the latest trend to have happy walls

A moodboard essentially consists of an inspirational panel made up of photographs or various elements used to create the visual universe of a project. So take inspiration from these different ideas.

  1. Always try to keep order

Do not allow papers to accumulate in your workspace.

To do this, try to get a routine to sort through your home. That is, in the afternoon, before you finish your work day, try to put everything in its place.

If you think it will be very complicated, try to create a corner to leave the work in abeyance.

For example, a drawer, tray, etc. can come in handy when you leave what’s left for the next day.

  1. Pleasant smells in your office

Aromatherapy plays an important role in all areas of our lives and the office could not be less. A pleasant aroma can cause us to work more relaxed and with good vibrations throughout the day. When you’re on the go, you like having good smells in every room so don’t forget your desk.

So either outside the house or inside the house, try to choose a scent you like.

  1. Follow the decorative trend of the rest of the space

Whether you have the office at home or outside, it is advisable to follow the decorative style of the rest of the space. In other words, if your office is inside your room, decorate your color space and following the style of the rest of your room. Here is a common mistake not to integrate the office with the decoration of the rest of the house.