Natural layout concepts

Bring the outside inside. The integration of elements of the natural environment into buildings is a major trend. With the use of natural materials, textiles, patterns and colors, as well as the improvement of natural and artificial lighting, acoustic comfort and many other elements, it is believed that biophilic designs in the office can increase productivity by 8%, well-being by 14% and a proportional increase in creativity.

These spaces are very stylish to reflect the age of the staff who work there, and in recent years we have often incorporated the “outside inside” trend, picnic benches and play areas, textures and natural materials. It is not surprising that Mother Nature is essential in the current decor choices.

Whether it is a humble potted plant or large areas with lush and bold foliage, everything contributes to creating a welcoming design and gives the impression that any professional space is an ecological haven.

Using certain planters can also help create a "natural" atmosphere, not to mention adding oxygen to your office.

In addition, more and more companies are introducing eco-friendly office design to reduce their carbon footprint, semi-open meeting areas for convenience, and fun items like pocket armchairs and meeting rooms. games to improve morale.