The benefits of a well-designed decoration on concentration

A study on the impact of natural plants in the professional environment

A recent study measured the impact on well-being and the concentration at work of adding natural elements to spaces fitted with removable office partitions. The proximity to the vegetation or the vision of natural elements contributes to the increase of attention. Exposure to plants can restore attention skills during short or long breaks from work and, therefore, increase concentration skills and improve mood during active phases.

Concentration test at work

The study was carried out under controlled laboratory conditions, where 34 participants were randomly assigned to an office with indoor plants or in the same setting without plants. The attention span was evaluated three times:

  • immediately after entering the laboratory (T1)
  • after performing a demanding cognitive task (T2)
  • after a five-minute break (T3).

Attention span was measured using a reading range test that provides a realistic measure of user attention, during which participants listened to sentences and had to memorize the last words. Participants also completed a proofreading test and answered a questionnaire.

Relaxation area developed by Kytom


The group's performance in contact with plants was improved from T1 to T2.

The performance of the group isolated from plants did not improve from T1 to T2.

There was no improvement in either group between T2 and T3.

The results of this study were contrary to the hypotheses according to which a main effect of fatigue from T1 to T2 should have occurred. The authors postulated that the proofreading task may not have been demanding enough to cause attention fatigue.

Researchers believe restorative effects on attention due to window gaze do not outweigh restorative effects of indoor plants

However even if the contribution of plants to the office is not decisive for everyone's efficiency, the personalization of the workspace clearly contributes to the well-being of employees and to the overall attractiveness of the company.

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Conclusion on corporate decoration based on natural elements

The researchers conclude that this study confirms that natural elements can improve cognitive performance in an office work environment, even if this evaluation of the research does not fully explain the mechanisms.

And concretely, in your offices?

A mandatory prerequisite: a site visit because sOnly an in situ study allows us to advise you effectively. It is from our discussions that we will be able to build a concept really suited to your needs. We will pay particular attention to theindoor air quality and the general acoustics of your premises. These are the main parameters that testify to well-designed offices where teams feel good.

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