Trends in workplace design and layout in 2020

Each year, new research is conducted on the tertiary environment, which provides a better understanding of how office design can affect employee well-being, productivity, talent retention and more.

Globally, companies are adopting more sustainable work practices, technological innovation is driving change, and the experience economy is shaping the way we live and work. As our office design experts respond to these social cues, we are already seeing big changes for 2020 and beyond. The 5 main trends in office furnishings listed below are structuring.

1. Promote the experience economy

The idea that experiences, rather than material goods, make us happy, influence and motivate us has revolutionized the way we live. It is therefore not surprising that the same notion is about to revolutionize the way we work.

The year 2020 should see the birth of a series of experiences closely linked to the hospitality and leisure industry. "Hotel" type office facilities, including spaces allowing users to isolate themselves in areas conducive to mental concentration, to connect in collaboration hubs and to relax in rejuvenation areas.

By benefiting from different workplaces, depending on the type of tasks they perform, teams regain better control of their work experiences. This increases the level of efficiency and commitment.

Desks designed with experience are also a great tool for attracting talent. For younger generations, where to have morning coffee is important, and where to sit is also important. And they are right.

As this way of thinking dominates their personal lives, it is not surprising that the experience economy influences the place where the rising generation prefers to spend their professional life.