Office energy consumption represents more than 25% of the tertiary sector. While it does not appear, the energy consumption of office equipment is not negligible. Here are 5 tips to reduce energy consumption in the workplace.

1. Watch his office

First, watch your office. Adjust the brightness of your devices, turn off your devices when you leave the office and don't abuse the printer! If you have to print, use black and white. Likewise, surfing the net requires a lot of energy. Try to waste less when sending emails and add your favorite addresses to your navigation to make it easier for Google: energy savings there too!

2. Put your multimedia devices on standby

Do not leave any of your multimedia devices on if you are not using them! If your devices are idle, but you don't need them for a second, unplug them. Consider investing in multi-socket switches or standby sockets, which consume less energy than conventional sockets!

3. Pay attention to the lighting

Pay attention to the lighting! First, take advantage of natural lighting: do not turn on your office lights if it is not necessary. Bet on good bulbs or prefer LED lights or motion detector switches that will save you energy!

4. Perform a comparison of electricity offers

Are your little everyday gestures not enough to reduce your energy consumption? You can make a comparison of electricity suppliers. Find out about alternative electricity providers that offer cheaper rates than EDF

Tariffs of classic offers as a basic tariff option for 6 kVA as of July 1, 2018

5. Perform a comparison of gas supplies

After choosing an inexpensive electricity supplier, why not change your gas supplier? You can perform a simulation via a gas comparator. Below is a comparison of gas subscriptions to help you find the cheapest gas supplier, such as Engie or Eni (more information here). And yes, pay attention to the heating in your office. Also pay attention to your insulation: are your windows and doors waterproof? Finally, heat according to your needs: prefer to put a little wool if you find it chilly in the office rather than turning on the heater!

Comparison of gas subscriptions on July 1, 2018 (€ TTC / year)